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white lion spiced rum

We couldn’t believe our good fortune when we were given the chance to work with St Helena Distillery.

White Lion Rum White Lion Spiced Rum, known on the island as ‘Gunpowder in a Glass’ is distilled on St Helena as a tribute to the Territory’s long maritime history and the generations of sailors who have called here. The White Lion was a Dutch spice-carrying galleon dramatically blown up and sunk in James Bay in 1613. Spiced Rum remains as the Saints’ own favourite strong tipple 400 years later.


This latest version has been steeped in French Oak for a minimum of two years, giving it a round and authentic taste.


Made on St Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean at the St Helena Distillery. We were commissioned by the owner, Mr. Paul Hickling to help them design their packaging and strengthen their positioning in the marketplace.”

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